Bread Salvage


The Bread Salvage Program was founded by a Middletown mother who saw an opportunity to salvage hundreds of loafs of bread that would normally go to waste and distribute them to meet the needs of the community. Skylet Gun, the founder of what she called “Salvage Patch Kids”, was delivering bread from Freihofer’s Bakery Thift Store in Cromwell to Snow and Macdonough schools in Middletown multiple times a week.

Wesleyan students partnered with Sky to help her make this a successful and reliable program. Last year, the Housing and Hunger Program took on the entire project and students have been running it since. The program runs three times a week, once to Snow, once to Macdonough and, as of this semester, once to Farmhill, delivering upwards of 700 loaves of bread per week.

We are looking to expand to Bielefield in the next year.

Read more about “Salvage Patch Kids” here.

Get Involved

The program runs three times a week and students should commit to volunteering regularly once a week. This is a one hour commitment that happens on Mondays and Fridays, usually in the morning/lunchtime, but is flexible depending on students’ class schedules. Volunteers do not need to have a car, though that is certainly helpful.


Wesleyan Bread Salvage:

Coordinators: James T Hall and Chloe Holden