Volunteering Instructions

When? Saturday (potentially Friday too!) mornings, 10:30-2:30 (subject to change)
Where? Different sites around Middletown, I will let you know earlier that week where each set of volunteers will be going
How? Meet in the OCS office (3rd floor of Allbritton) and a van driver will radio up, vans are in the parking lot across the street
What? You will be at a residential home working on a build with local residents and at times the homeowners themselves
Who? Student/local volunteers, up to around 6-10 per session
Wear? Clothes that can get dirty, closed toe shoes

Now that you know what’s going down, here’s how to make it happen…

FIRST, you’ll need to register as an OCS volunteer by going to this link http://www.wesleyan.edu/ocs/register.html and filling out the online form. It will prompt you to print out a waiver which you can fill out and drop off at OCS anytime, no pressure.

THEN, head on over to this link https://habitatmiddlesex.volunteermatrix.com/sys-php/matrix/view.php and click “New Volunteer Registration” to fill out that online form. It’s ok if you don’t do this before you head over to a build, just try and do it at some point this semester (I’ll be the one registering the group but the Habitat organization likes to have info about who’s volunteering with them). Don’t worry about printing out the waiver, there will be waivers at the OCS office for you to sign when you decide to go on a build. NOTE: YOU ONLY NEED TO BRING A WAIVER THE FIRST TIME YOU GO. You’re set after that!

FINALLY, sign up on the Google Doc for when you wanna go! I’d love to have by FRIDAY morning a final list of who will be going but let’s get real, things change so quickly that I totally get it if you’ve gotta drop out or decide an hour before that you’re down to go. There will be a van either way!

ONE LAST NOTE: There are also Friday opportunities to volunteer which we are thinking of integrating into our schedule. The hours would about the same so if you’re interested in potentially volunteering on that day as well, let us know.